Still waiting…

Things are finally moving along on the new house and looks like we’ll be closing right at the end of the year. It doesn’t make for a fun holiday season in the apartment, but soon enough it will be a distant memory.

We’re more anxious to get into the house so that we have a guest room for my Dad. He was just diagnosed with stage fourĀ lung cancer. It unfortunately is not curable and we are all heartbroken. His plan as of now, is to give chemo a shot to give him some more time, provided the side-effects aren’t too much to bear. He will travel to the valley for treatments, and it will be nice to have a space for him if he needs it. In the meantime, our holiday season will be centered around spending time with Dad, or Pop Pop as Cayman calls him.

The biggest delay in the building process was waiting for the framers. Two and a half weeks after framing started, and we are ready for drywall. We make the 50 mile drive out to the house every weekend to check the progress and Cayman thinks he’s building the house himself.

This week, we picked out our granite slab and we can’t wait to see the drywall up this weekend. Here’s all the progress…

Chandos Family


Inspector Cayman

Front Door Courtyard Entrance

Foyer Ceiling

Inspector Cayman 2

Mommy & Cayman

Chandos House October 2015

White Ice Granite Slab

Getting pretty excited about seeing all the finishes installed.

Getting pretty excited about seeing all the finishes installed.

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