Apartment Life

First of all, Cayman started Junior Preschool this week. It hasn’t been the smoothest transition, but it’s slowly but surely getting easier for him. He’s been in the care of a dear friend of mine since he was 8 weeks old and she has been like a second Mom to him. Leaving Ms. Cristi and moving to the apartment are some pretty big changes for a guy who’s not even 2 years old to handle. Cayman thrives with structure and routine and is getting his 3 year molars all at the same time. We play a little game and I ask him, “Cayman, are you happy?” He usually responds, “Happy Mamma Happy!” But my normally easy going guy’s response this week is, ‘No Happy Mommy! No Happy!”


I was actually looking forward to living in an apartment for a while while we wait for our house to be built. It’s nice to be able to clean everything top to bottom in a half hour. What made it even more simple is that our apartment is furnished – even the bedding, towels, kitchen wares etc. So, we brought only what we absolutely needed and put the rest in storage. It’s also been a really long time since I lived in an apartment and I forgot about some of the inconveniences that come with it. Living in an apartment pre-toddler days was a little easier to say the least.

Parking is at a premium. We have one parking spot and good luck finding the second one nearby. I’m lucky that I married a gentleman, because Ralph takes the hit and parks on the other side of the planet and leaves the ‘nearish’ assigned covered parking spot for me.

Even though we are on the first floor, groceries were a giant pain in the bum. I was thinking about getting a collapsible wagon until I posed the question in my Momtourage Group (All 87 of us have babies born in September 2013 and we have been following each other since pregnancy).

My friend Kayla, smartly suggested I get a Mighty Handle. The Mighty Handle is a grocery bag carrier that makes it easier to carry a big load of groceries without a lot of effort. When I load the groceries in the car, I hang each bag from the hook, twist it closed and then keep adding on bags. This way, when I arrive home, I just have to lift up the handle and head inside. I can comfortably hold 8 grocery bags with one hand and still hold Cayman’s hand while we walk through our busy apartment parking lot. These 8 bags hold the typical heavy weight items most people buy at the grocery, like milk, water and canned goods.

The Mighty Handle Review - Wild Geese that Fly

Amazing, right? This would have taken me three trips to the car before because I can’t exactly leave Cayman in the apartment by himself while I unload. These would have come in so handy when Cayman was an infant, I wish I had known about them sooner. They are also great for carrying other bags. I used them yesterday to carry my diaper bag, Cayman’s backpack and a tote bag into the preschool so that I could hold Cayman’s hand. I now keep one in my purse and one in the car and will continue to use them beyond apartment life. Every grocery shopper should have one! I haven’t tried it, but I’ve heard it’s also a great option for carrying a load of dry-cleaning.

The Mighty Handle Review - Wild Geese that Fly

*By the way, this is not a sponsored post, just an honest personal review.

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