A Vintage Modern Home

Calle Tuberia Residence by Rafterhouse

 There are few local remodeler/designers in Arizona that I follow on Instagram and the picture of this kitchen is from a company called Rafterhouse. Rafterhouse is a home builder/remodeler in the Phoenix area. They restore, upgrade and enhance post-war era ranch homes in the valley. Although the architecture of our new house is considered Santa Barbara style, I’m still completely inspired by this overall design. I love the white cabinets, rustic wood floors, open floor plan and industrial accents and I think we can still make it blend nicely with our architecture.

The challenge we have, is that brand-new homes aren’t usually high on charm, especially here in Arizona. Even the higher end new home models we looked at for fun, lacked the details you would find in a home back east. In the southwest, unless it’s a custom home, we don’t trim out windows with moldings, have chair rails, crown molding or board and baton as standard practice. Wall corners are rounded and textured and standard flooring is carpet and beige ceramic tile. It will take us some time, but our goal is to add details like beams and architectural accents wherever we can hike up the charm factor in our new house.

There are a few different variations and names for this design style, like Industrial Farmhouse, Mid-Century Farmhouse, Urban Country… but essentially it is just mixing salvage charm with modern convenience with a little retro flash.

Here are three of the unexpected elements I’m dreaming about for our new home.

1. Sputnik Chandelier – Jonathan Adler is definitely not in the budget, so I’ll need to find a more budget friendly option for this, but I’m in love with Sputnik chandeliers. I think our home needs one as just a little surprise.

2. Vintage Tolix Chairs – I will probably have to settle for the Home Goods knock-off version, but I’m in love with these galvanized beauties originally made in France in the 1930’s.

3. Calcutta Marble – We found a 12″X24″ highly polished porcelain tile that looks identical to Calcutta marble and decided to put it in our foyer. Our foyer is one of the most interesting parts of our house, because it it is round. All the main rooms to the house branch off of the 11′ round foyer, so it definitely needs some drama. The Calcutta tile will be installed in an 8′ circle inside the turret foyer. It will be an unexpected shine to contrast with the rustic wood tile we chose for all our main living areas as well as the master bedroom.

Fingers crossed it all looks as good in person as it does in my head! What do you think?

2 thoughts on “A Vintage Modern Home

  1. I love your ideas! Especially the tile. I saw you said Jonathan Adler isn’t an option because his pieces are priced pretty high and that’s very true. I actually just did a post today about his sale! If you are a fan like I am you should check it out! There are many items priced under $100!

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