Movin’ on up

Yikes, it’s been eight months since my last blog post. While I couldn’t possibly update everything that’s happened the past few months, here is the condensed version:

Totally cliche, but Cayman is growing up too fast. Sadly, we can no longer refer to him as ‘that bald guy that lives with us’. Not only does he have hair, but he has beautiful red hair. He will always be my baby, but really is practically a little boy already. At 22 months, he is talking up a storm. He told me his first ‘story’ a few days ago. Ralph and Cayman were already home when I arrived and Cayman ran up to me and said, “Bean beans, doodles and gogurt in Naynay’s bay-yee”. He was so excited to tell me that he had green beans, noodles and yogurt in his belly, which is exactly what I packed him for lunch. I can’t believe he’s almost two years old.

In other non-essential news, I gained and lost and gained the same 20 pounds and I’m hoping to get back to healthier living as soon as… (keep reading and it will make sense). Also, we took a kid-free trip to Maui courtesy of my work. We would have preferred to take Cayman, but it wasn’t an option. Cayman did great at Grammie and Uncle Bunny’s house and we had some much needed relaxation.


And for the biggest news…after feeling the squeeze in our little house, we started house hunting early this year. Our current house is a great little house, but a little too small, low on storage and way too far from my work…and civilization. After looking a zillion houses online, we decided a new-build was the best way to go. We looked at so many model homes, that I now consider myself an expert. If your looking for a new-build in the valley, I’m pretty sure I know more about them than your realtor.

I think living in the design world makes me fairly particular about the features I want, like white cabinets, wood floors, open floor plan and on and on. Ralph and I wanted to find a house that we could grow into and stay put until Cayman goes to college…at least. So, we were careful to think ahead through his teenage years. As soon as we walked into this house, Ralph and I knew it was perfect. It has a great layout and all the rooms and storage we could ever possibly need and a few wonderful elements we didn’t expect to find with our budget.

So, on Mother’s Day which was also Ralph’s birthday this year, we took the leap and put our money down to start the building process. Then we had to scramble to get our house ready to list before the slow summer selling season started. It took us a little longer than planned to get it ready and staged to list and we were very worried when almost no one was asking to see it. Luckily, after two weeks and only four lookers, we got an offer that we couldn’t refuse and didn’t even need to counter. The catch, they are buying with cash and want us out in 30 days. Eeeek!

We are currently up to our eyeballs in boxes and packing with a toddler is no small feat. I’m not sure how parents completed such tasks before the invention of Peppa Pig and Veggie Straws. We’ve decided instead of moving twice, we would rent a furnished apartment down to the silverware and towels and load up our belongings in storage pods. It will be about 4 months until the house is done and I think it will be a fun little apartment adventure. It will be nice to have a pool and a few months to live a simple life.

Here’s a sneak peak of the new house. I have half the decorating done in my head but I can’t wait to be done with packing so that I can share all the plans.

A Adora Trails Summit Collection 6310

4 thoughts on “Movin’ on up

  1. Congrats, that’s exciting! I think it’s been just as long for me since I have posted anything. Toddlers keep one busy! I like your site design too!

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