Swip Swap to the Hip Hop

I’ve just discovered something exciting called Swip Swap Groups on Facebook. From what I can tell, they are all over the country. These groups are basically online yard sales for your neighborhood. Genius, huh?  This means no more getting up at the crack of dawn to go to a yard sale (not that I did anyway).  And no more time wasted driving across town to the baby consignment shop and coming back empty handed (did that). There is even one specific for kids crap in my general area. So far, I’ve purchased 7 cute 12-Baby Gap outfits from one seller for $7 and a ‘rocktivity’ table for $10 (see Cayman’s commercial below). Both sellers offered to do a PPU, otherwise known as a Porch Pick-Up. This means they leave the item on their front porch and I leave the money under their doormat when I pick up the item. I love that the system counts on people being honest, but I imagine people aren’t as trusting with high dollar items. And of course you always have those people that price their baby shit as if it came directly from the FAO Schwarz Flagship Store in NYC, but once you weed through those, there are some really great deals.

The activity table came just in time for Cayman while he learns to stand drop some beats on his own…with a little help from the cat.

Here’s proof I partied with the band last night:

Featuring: Playskook Rocktivity Sit to Stand Music Skool Toy

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