So, by now you have probably seen the adorable pictures on Pinterest where people take pictures of their babies with a sticker on their onesie announcing how old they are. I also love the chalkboard art photos listing their weight, height and current milestones. Well, I’m a little jealous because I just couldn’t get it together enough to make that happen. Cayman was very colicky the first few months and whenever it came time to take his picture for the month, he was either screaming his head off or he would throw up or poop on me instead, and I would just give up. I took pictures when I could, close to the ‘right day’ and they are mostly iPhone pictures because, well…that was just handy.

Taking Monthly Baby Photos

Taking Monthly Baby Photos

So, I was excited for Cayman’s 9 month photos because I feel like I’m finally in the groove with this whole mommy thing (for now). I’m getting a little bit of sleep AND I got an awesome new camera for Mother’s Day.  So, I found this super cute idea on Pinterest. Of course it’s a theme you can use to document every month and sadly I can’t go back and get a do-over, but I still thought it was a great idea.

Here’s my Pinterest Inspiration from Julie over at the Famille Summerbelle le Blog (one of my favorite blogs!). Julie seems to be some sort of baby magician to pull these photos off.

Here’s my go at it for just one month. I think we all can agree that I NAILED IT!

Lastly, I wanted to give a shout out to Kendra over at the The Domestic Princess in Training Blog for challenging me to blog more often in June. I’m committed to writing 2-3 posts  a week. She is posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Go see her little guy Weston who was born a couple weeks after Cayman.

4 thoughts on “Pinstrosity

  1. Ahahaha this is covered in awesome sauce. The pictures are really cute. I got a kick out of your story though! Hey you did better than me! I too attempted monthly photos and had an awesome idea but nope! I only got the 1st one and he’s screaming his head off in it. These boys!

    Yay to posting more in June and thank you for the VERY sweet shout out!

  2. I didn’t get around to the whole sticker thing either. I figured I could go back with photoshop or pixlr and add a cute number to the photo. I take weekly and monthly pics of my little. Instead of trying to get him into a perfect position, I have embraced his ever-changing personality and let him move into his silly poses. At 4 months, he had discovered his feet. Instead of sitting back on the chair, his feet are lifted near his mouth; Turned out much cuter than expected. I like your pictures above; it shows a fun personality and the stage he’s at :))

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