15 things no one tells you about motherhood

15 things NO ONE tells you about motherhood

A little late for mother’s day, but nonetheless…

  1. You’ll have conversations with your husband about poop….daily
  2. Other moms don’t really know what the hell they’re doing either
  3. It doesn’t matter how much babysitting you did as a teenager – it won’t help you
  4. You will still check to see if your baby is breathing in the middle of the night, even after eight months
  5. You will become surprisingly resourceful at doing tasks with one hand
  6. You’ll realize that you won’t know if you did a good job for at least 20 years
  7. Sleep deprivation will cause you to fight with your husband over ridiculous things
  8. You will do all the things you said you never would , like give a pacifier, co-sleep and let your baby sleep on his tummy
  9. You’ll have amazing ability to move mountains to make your baby’s world happy and safe
  10. You will buy books on how to get your baby to sleep but you will be too tired to read them
  11. Your cats will get demoted from ‘my cats are like my children’ status to  ‘get your cat hair away from my baby’ status
  12. Your new mission on earth, is to get that booger out of your baby’s nose
  13. Your wardrobe will now come from Target because they also sell groceries and diapers
  14. You will happily trade a downtown happy hour for an evening  in your recliner googling the lyrics to Itsy Bitsy Spider
  15. You will never be the same – not your body, your house, your outlook on life, but you will be wiser and stronger and love more than you ever thought was possible

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