Long Overdue

No, I’m not still pregnant and 9 weeks overdue, but this post certainly is.

We welcomed to the big wide world, Cayman Ray Chandos – on September 8th, 2013 at 4:56 pm, weighing in at 6 lbs. 9 oz. and 20 3/4 inches long after 29 1/2 hours of labor.


On Saturday, September 7th, we had a scheduled hospital tour and I was 39 weeks pregnant. I was at that point in pregnancy where it was starting to get difficult to walk across the room, let alone wait in a long line and walk through the hospital. But I was anxious to get up to Labor and Delivery because I knew my friend Shauna was working and we were already planning on her helping me deliver the baby. (Lucky Me!)

When we left the hospital, we had lunch at a Pho restaurant we found while I was pregnant (I could have eaten there every day) and then we headed home. I had been on modified bed rest because my doctor suspected pre-eclampsia for 3 1/2 weeks and major cabin fever was setting in, so I insisted we stop at Target on the way home. Ralph wanted to get me home, but I insisted we MUST buy some baby mittens before the baby arrives or we would definitely be labeled horrible parents. Really, I just wanted to walk around to get labor moving along now that I had safely made it to 39 weeks.

It was right there in the baby section of Target, where I said to Ralph, “Um…Honey…I think my water just broke. Either that or I just peed my pants and I’m still peeing…and I can’t stop peeing.” Ralph fumbled around speaking some other glottal language I didn’t understand and ran off to the front door of the store. I think I heard him say he was going to get the car as he ran. And there I stood in the Target baby section in a long black maxi dress, all by myself…and looked to be peeing myself in the middle of the aisle. I started to shuffle to the front door hoping nobody noticed the gushes along the way. Then I stopped and decided I needed to text my friend Shauna the nurse, right then and there, to let her know what was happening. Her text back, was “Buy some towels and get back to the hospital.” Instead, we made a quick trip home to get our hospital bag and made our way there. 29 1/2 hours later, with Shauna there to help me avoid a c-section (My Hero!), Baby Cayman arrived on Sunday, September 8th after less than 15 minutes of pushing.

Ralph and I were so overwhelmed with emotion, we could hardly believe it was true. They put him on my chest and I sobbed uncontrollably for what seemed like several minutes. His eyes ere wide open and he was taking it all in. He was bright eyed and absolutely perfect. The most beautiful creature I have ever seen.

Thank you to Kari Green of Kari Green Photography for her very talented work on his newborn photo shoot.


Nine weeks later and I have already had to pack away his newborn clothes. He’s found his little voice and hands, learned how to smile and giggle, hold his head up and stand up on his legs. I know everyone says that it goes by too fast, but seeing him change from one day to the next has been amazing but makes me a little sad.

We couldn’t be any more thankful that God blessed us with our little miracle.

If you are as fascinated with Baby Cayman as we are, follow us on Instagram.

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