Cayman Ray on his way

What to Expect when you're expecting app

Baby Cayman and I are officially past the half-way point and Ralph and I are dreaming of the day we get to meet our baby boy. His crib was delivered yesterday and the wonderful reality is setting in. For a couple of weeks now I have felt him spinning around and Ralph felt him kick from the outside just a few days ago. Our little man will weigh over 1 lb. by next week (14 oz yesterday) and on his 20 week scan, he was caught sucking his toe. My favorite app is ‘What to Expect’ where I have learned everything from how to set up an automatic diaper delivery service to what week my baby will grow eyebrows. I crave avocados and my shoes are starting to feel too small.

Finally, the most recent addition to my new-found-body are a lovely pair of cankles!

Suburban Dictionary definition of cankles: The area in affected female legs where the calf meets the foot in an abrupt, nontapering way and results in the patient purchasing a new La-Z-Boy recliner.

medical cause: pregnancy – 2nd Trimester

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16 to 20 Weeks - Our Pregnancy JourneyCayman - Almost 21 weeks b

3 thoughts on “Cayman Ray on his way

  1. How positively WONDEFUL! Your precious baby boy Cayman is adorable at 21 wks! I am soooo happy for your beautiful family! Jenny you are so beautiful, you remind me so much of Tori Spelling! Please take that as a huge compliment because she is a gorgeous mother as well! Thank you for sharing your journey w/friends! Debra

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