And then there were two…

On February 12th, 2013 in a sunset ceremony on the South Sound Beach on Grand Cayman Island, I married the love of my life. One year to the day of our first date we interlocked our lives forever. I couldn’t be more proud to be wife to the smartest, funniest and most sincere man I have ever known.







- Grand Cayman Island

…and the first part of our honeymoon.


There is much more to come as Ralph says half this blog now belongs to him.


Very Special Thanks goes to…

Janet Jarchow (JJ), Photographer at Better Angle Photography

Rebecca Bateman-Green, Head Planner at Parfait Wedding and Events

Robyn, Hair and Make-Up Stylist for Vanity Salon – Grand Cayman Island

Flowers – Del from the Flower Dell

The entire team at Infusionsoft

…for making February 12, 2013 the most romantic day of our lives.

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