Back from Rehab – 12 Step Program for Bad Bloggers

Hi, my name is Jeny and I have blogger’s guilt. Unlike Catholic guilt, where you feel guilty about something you’ve done, blogger’s guilt comes from something you haven’t done.

I feel like I should blog, because I have a blog and then it doesn’t help that I’ve received massive amounts of requests from my reader to write something. Yes, I said ‘reader’….the one lonely reader I have left after getting so busy with my actual real-live life.

I was doing so well, too. Updating at least once a week – sometimes, gasp, multiple times. People even ‘liked’ me at one time.

In an effort to appease this horrible feeling that is eating away at my insides, I’m giving you a Pop Quiz…

What is the REAL reason I haven’t been blogging?

a. I might be addicted to my boyfriend…at least it’s not meth – being that I’m not a celebrity, and would have to go to regular rehab.

b. I may have watched 5 seasons of Celebrity Rehab this past week pirated from the internet but NOT because I have a crush on Dr. Drew.

c. I might be cheating on this blog by creating a new professional blog that would make this blog look like total nonsense.

d. All of the above.

OH, LOOK! There I am pitching the new blog to the executives.

8 thoughts on “Back from Rehab – 12 Step Program for Bad Bloggers

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