Meet my Husband – as described by the Suburban Dictionary

(Previously Titled – Meet my Boyfriend – as described by the Suburban Dictionary)

 Handsomepants Handsomesaurus Rex;

Someone that is so shockingly good-looking that it causes a ripple effect of greatness through an entire city that causes everyone in his presence to high five him and it also makes unicorns no longer invisible.


Smartacus Humble Intellectualist;

Someone that is so extremely smarter than smart that calling a car ‘smart’ is an insult to his smartness and the government should be charging him a Smart Tax. This person usually comes from Roman Italian decent and is currently reading Einstein’s Theory of Relativity but is very humble in spite of being a great person and would never think to brag about it.



This describes a person that is witty, sharp and the cleverist of the clever. A cleversationist usually says intelligent things throughout the day, sometimes pertaining to time travel, the purpose of life, episode synopsis’ from The Office and has a knack for turning every conversation into a cleversation.


Best-Husband from Strongsville with a Bad-assatude;

The act of being strong and steadfast sometimes with Hulk-like abilities and is skilled in the art of keeping bad thoughts at bay who also lives in a predominately white upper-middle class neighborhood where Abercrombie and Fitch is the wardrobe supplier for 130% of the population. Also known for being tough as a $2 steak for fighting for what he believes in and treats his wife with such kindness that she feels like the luckiest girl on the planet.

10 thoughts on “Meet my Husband – as described by the Suburban Dictionary

  1. How often do two such wonderful & wonderfully-matched people happen across one anothers paths!! Thank God for His part!! He done good!!

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