Crazy cat ladies don’t have husbands

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I have cats. I have 3 cats to be exact. Ideally, I would have 2 cats but my ex was obviously trying to damn me to singlehood by bringing home cat #3 as a final anniversary gift. I think it may have been the one and only time he planned ahead. I think cats (and their owners!) are unfairly branded in the world of dating, and it’s high time someone took up their defense.

Why do women own cats?

Reason #1:

Dude, dogs are way too much work!

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umm..yeah, cat owners are the crazy ones

I’m just really not interested in dog walks, puppy pads, giant ugly kennels in my house, constant trips to the doggie spa or buying an entirely new human-like wardrobe.

Reason #2:

Oh, come on! Cats aren’t really what crazy is all about!

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There are so many weirder pets that a woman could own. A ferret, for instance. I think it would be weird if I were a woman with a pet ferret.

Reason # 3:

I now have a husband!

Although the word husband is such a lacking description of the love-of-my-life, the one thing I know is: Only SINGLE women with cats can be CRAZY….and I am not single. Which is why I can now admit that I dressed my cat up like an elf for Christmas and there’s not a damn thing any of you can say about it now.

Zowie the Cat

19 thoughts on “Crazy cat ladies don’t have husbands

  1. the one and only time he planned ahead…too funny…I have one cat – ok technically 2 but the other one is my kids cat… I only have one….I talk to him …a lot… 🙂 and I am single…and hey..I am crazy too….true story.. not like cat lady crazy though….I think thats like ..down the road…:-)

  2. You’re hilarious! Zowie does not look too impressed with the elf outfit. I love cats, but I can’t own any cause my son-in-law is extremely allergic, so I have dogs. We dress them up for Halloween and they wear parkas in the winter (we’re up in the Great White North) but other than that, we try not to humiliate them too much!

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  5. Funny! I have two cats and I consider myself one kitty short of a crazy cat lady. I hate to admit it, but it would be a fairly easy line for me to cross 😉 Enjoyed this post, and you’re right . . .dogs ARE too much work!

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