Fame, Sunglasses, Paparazzi and Love

Members of the Press:

As many of you have already heard from sources such as Perez Hilton, TMZ and Star Magazine; I have finally HIT THE BIG TIME!

To my droves of loyal supporters, this shouldn’t be a surprise. My ardent fans have long expected this success, but to many outsiders, I am the underdog that has now appeared to have come out of nowhere.

My Road to Fame

My roots were planted more than twenty years ago when I met the future star of the Critic’s Choice Award winning movie Three Kings in a freshman English class on the west side of Phoenix. Over 2 decades later he would become my agent and would deliver the promise of stardom to my doorstep by introducing me to my leading man and award winning actor of the film Kill Zombie Kill. Through this one introduction, the rest of the world now sees that I have finally hit my stride.

Becoming an ‘A’ List Celebrity has taken me a lot of time, dedication and endless amounts of rejection. It has been a journey the faint of heart would not have survived. In fact, I witnessed countless budding stars give up before they ever reached success.


I’m certain my previous post One Moment Like This gave everyone a pretty big hint about how my life has changed recently, which is how I can now understand why “A” list celebs hide from the paparazzi. You work your whole life auditioning for bit parts in the local town hall play while dreaming of one day signing autographs and attending red carpet events. Then you finally hit the big-time and all you want to do is put on your giant sunglasses, privately relish and protect your dream-come-true while planning your trip to the Oscars.

***********Retraction Notice**********
Although the movies and actors are accurate in this post, the topic of FINDING FAME is not and should be replaced with the topic of FINDING LOVE.
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10 thoughts on “Fame, Sunglasses, Paparazzi and Love

  1. Here’s an old wildebeest who likes your thoughts, but alas, has known many who has lost their flame through fame. It’s the art in an artist’s fiber that’s meaningful. No matter how wonderful and blonde you may be, what really counts is the scars you’ve collected as you parade through your adventure. We all have only one to live. Make yours fun and frustrating and mysterious and flawed with the good and bad of life. And you’ve won the game, kid.

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