Valentine’s Day – Love and Landfills

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Of the 30 plus blogs I follow on dating, relationships, sex and love, there is a common theme of posts for today – obviously. My blogger friends have been forecasting their dread for a solid week about what they call The Day of Romantic Resentment.  One blogger even goes as far to say, “…it’s the only fucked up time of year to be in love and you are safer on any other day.”

Here are a few other samples:

Love will make you a total asshole.

Enough already people!
If you really need the card companies to organise a day you can tell your loved one how you feel, then you’re very sad indeed!

In my opinion, Valentine’s Day is pretty dumb.. It’s merely a “holiday” where confectioners, florists, card designers, lingerie stores, restaurants… you name it… twist your arm to buy their products & services in the name of love.

I don’t care about Valentine’s Day this year.The only thing I have ever really liked about Valentine’s Day thus far is the Simpsons episode where Lisa gave Ralph a valentine, he fell in love with her, she broke his heart in front of Krusty the Clown.

Valentine’s Day is the lousiest holiday EVER. Down with the Mushy BS I’d willing support Super Bowl Sunday EVERY year (Not just those the Broncos, Jets, or Eagles are playing) if VDay would disappear.

Valentines Day is a recipe for further misery.

I have a different opinion. If it takes a day of lousy chocolate, over crowded restaurants and I got it at Jared commercials to bring any sort of attention to the fact that all any of us ever really want out of life is to love and be loved – then I’m all for overflowing our landfills with teddy bears that hold heart pillows.


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17 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day – Love and Landfills

    • I know that about you Sheena and I loved your rant. Being an aunt has been one of the most fulfilling things that has ever happened to me and there couldn’t be a better Valentine’s Day gift. Congratulations!

  1. YES!!! I made the cut!!!!! Hehehehe. “Any of us every really want out of life is to love and be loved” ~ great sentiment. Thank you.

  2. Omnia Vincit Amor:

    Being Half Italian, half French Canadian, All American and male,I’ll go back to my Latin roots today.

    Yes, St. Val’s Day is sappy and way over-commercialized, and whenever I see that 5-foot tall Vermont Teddy bear I want to stab the thing through the eyesockets with Uncle Carmine’s imported Sicilian stiletto, I have to put that aside and say that any day devoted to lovers can’t be that bad.

    Love does conquer all.

    Lovers everywhere, I give my salute to you today.

    Omnia Vincit Amor.
    Love Conquers All

  3. This is great I wish I would have seen it sooner. As far as Valentines day goes, I hate it too, it is over advertised and really just a blur to the rest of the year, when a lover should tell his or her lover every day how much they love them.
    I practice telling my wife that I love her, and that I couldn’t live without her everyday. I tell her how beautiful she is to me. I don’t need flowers or chocolate or a sappy card to tell her for me. I do succumb to this capitalistic tradition every year so I don’t wind up in a fight, or have to deal with hurt feelings. An ounce of chocolate is better than a pound of regret. Valentine’s day is lover’s day, for me everyday is lovers day. Fuck Valentine’s Day, <— with a smile on his face.

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