I think I might love my circus job

I’m taking some inspiration from a clever blogger For Shiggles in a post he wrote the other day – I’m Gonna Brag About My Place of Employment for a Minute! .

With so many out of work, down in the mouth about the job they were forced to accept after a lay off or just plain haven’t sorted out their talents in life yet – I thought I’d show some gratitude for my career.

While I have the privelege of leading a retail sales team of very gifted, driven people that sincerely care for their customers (and no, they don’t read my blog – or for God’s sake I hope not), I also work for a company that inspires us all to innovate so that some day we can become what we like to refer to as “The Greatest Retail Show on Earth” or GRSOE because like most companies, we have a god-awful acronym for everything.  It has been constant work to remain inspired in such a high pressured environment.  I often go to bed at night feeling the heavy responsibility of inspiring them enough to improve their lives and the lives of their families. After doing the same job for 12 years, it is a fight for me to stay challenged in spite of the constant innovative changes cropping up around me and in turn it becomes even more difficult to inspire someone else. I often fail miserably but every once in a blue moon, I get lucky enough to strike a chord with someone and they pull me aside on the sales floor and whisper in my ear…..

“I did it! Thank you for helping me realize how important it is to be successful.”

Then suddenly all the stress, anxiety, sleepless nights, nail biting, blood and  49 boxes of Kleenex I keep stored in my office for sales coaching/therapy sessions is worth that one whisper on the sales floor that makes it all worthwhile.

To brag even further, January 2012 was the biggest month in our company’s history and we are closing all our stores tomorrow to celebrate. It’s just a matter of time before we become a full blown circus – hopefully minus the freak show.

7 thoughts on “I think I might love my circus job

  1. Hey! Thanks for the shout out! I’m honored that I could inspire you a bit in spite of my knack for being slightly offending at times! Honestly, your latest “Wednesday SOCKS” lit a fire under my ass to pick up a project that I’ve neglected the last couple months! So thank you twice!

  2. I like your statement “like most companies, we have a god-awful acronym for everything”. My company had tons of god-awful acronyms for everything too..but being able to know the acronyms make me feel like I belong to the company..you are right, we should appreciate the job that we have.

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