And the award goes to…

Imagine my shock and surprise when I received word today of being honored with two awards. The Versatile Blogger Award and the 7X7 Link Award.

I was nominated by…

 The Narcissist’s Blog (Teri)

– A talented writer I admire. She writes an honest blog that focuses primarily on personal growth,  personal relationships, sex and the crazy world of dating.

I would like to graciously accept both awards by meeting the requirements the of the Versatile Blogger Award.

Nominate 10-15 fellow bloggers:

Blogs that I adore…

Girl loves Zombie


Moment Matters



I Was a Foster Kid

A Woman’s Guide to Women: A Blog for Men


Relationship Realities

Inform the bloggers of their nomination.

Share 7 random things about yourself:

  • In the 7th grade I changed the spelling of my name from Jenny to Jeny and it stuck.
  • I become instantly photogenic after 1 cocktail.
  • I like to break the rules which is why I’m skipping the last 4 facts. What are they going to do, take the awards away from me?

Thank the blogger who nominated you.

Sincere thanks goes to Teri – The Narcissist’s Blog. Thank you for being one of my earliest supporters and helping me get one step closer to


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