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4 Easy Steps to “Date” the Man of your Dreams 

Dating at 40 after a divorce or long-term relationship can be difficult on both sides of the coin.

I’ve compiled 4 scientific fool-proof steps to hook …

Mr. Right Now


Can’t decide who the lucky guy should be?   

Easy Peasy! Just pick the first guy that comes around and gives you the time of day. Well, let’s just say ANY time of day…or night…or a few seconds of texting time will do.


Photo Courtesy of: Slice of Life

Call him a douche-bag  

In an effort to test his self-esteem and manhood – I recommend accusing him of being a douche-bag in your very first conversation. If he calls you a bitch and walks away, you’ll know he’s not for you. If he sticks around because he knows you’re right, well hidy-ho you’re on our way!



Completely Disregard All Red Flags

If he has a facebook profile similar to this, don’t assume he’s not classy enough for you


What color is his couch? 

If he tells you on Tuesday that he has a brown sofa and you find out on Thursday that it’s blue – believe him when he tells you that he had that IKEA piece of shit re-upholstered since then. Certainly do not jump to any conclusions that if he is going to lie about that, he has probably lied about everything else.

Find every way possible to justify that feeling in your gut that tells you to run for the hills.




 When it all turns into a public disaster for all of your 297 mutual friends on 9 different social networking sites such as the 2 that I am about to shamelessly plug:

5 thoughts on “Dating for Dummies in 4 Easy Steps -The Flip Side

  1. Now if you would have posted the thing on red flags a few days ago, I wouldn’t have gone out with Mungus. And he said that toilet planter was made for me. ;(

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