Single, taking over the world and crazy cat therapy

As some of my long time readers already know, I have been single now for going on 2 years. Along the way, there have been a small myriad of men I’ve dated during that time. (Affectionately nicknamed – The Politician, The Comedian Hip-Hop Disney Cruise Dancer, Rick and well the last one, let’s just pretend the whole god damn disaster never even happened) While those men have pretty much nothing to do with this post, I thought you would have fun imagining what the hell those names really mean. I’ll save the rest for another post.


While I still remember some of the advantages of being married like:

Someone to operate the grill

Someone to squash a bug

(I seriously just spent 10 minutes coming up with those 2 things)


Being single seems to have many more perks, like:

Using my dryer as an extra dresser drawer

Not having to move the following items from my bed before I go to sleep

Dancing like a fool to 80’s music in the kitchen

Not having to rationalize to anyone else why I shouldn’t buy my 17th pair of Miss Me Jeans

Not being forced to eat meat and potatoes for dinner so I can become a big fat pig

Time to myself for plotting world domination

….and finally

Telling  my nine 3 Cats/Therapists out loud my deepest darkest secrets in my sweetest kitty cat voice


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