Do funny girls finish last?

When you ask a woman what she likes in a man, she’ll usually say something like “Well, he has to be funny, smart, attractive, successful, confident …” and maybe something extra like nerdy or athletic. What happens when you ask a man the same question?

Oh, sure.  Men always say they like women with a sense of humor.  In fact, I’ve heard them rank it right up there with long beautiful hair, a great ass and a ravenous sex drive.  But, in reading dozens of articles on the subject I now have some serious doubts.

According to an article in the british newspaper The Independant titled Why men don’t fancy funny women, hundreds of men and women in their twenties were questioned. Asked if they found a sense of humor to be attractive in women, most men said yes. “But when they were asked if they would want to be with a woman who cracked jokes herself, the answer was a resounding NO.”

Article after article seems to say that comedy isn’t just about laughter — it’s more about POWER. A woman that is witty and clever enough to be funny, is also very smart. As we all know, smarts are powerful and could that be the real reason why men might not find a funny woman attractive?

Those who can make others laugh are the puppeteers of life. They pull strings, tugging and slacking people’s emotions. And that’s a powerful thing, perhaps too much for some men to accept.

So what’s the moral here? Should funny women stick to dating only funny guys? Should natural-born comediennes suppress their instincts in order to appeal to men? Or should men just grow a pair and face their fears? What do you think?

One last note, in polling a handful of my own guy friends, one of them said this, “I don’t want a woman to have too great of a sense of humor because I like to be the funny, clever one.”


And by the way, we are talking about funny ‘haha’, not funny ‘odd’.

2 thoughts on “Do funny girls finish last?

  1. Honey no guy likes a girl that steals their thunder. They want to quote lines from Super Troopers and fart making everyone laugh. You come out with original funny stuff and you’re totally undesirable, or worse called a lot of unsavory names…that’s depending on the type of humor ya have. I say grow a pair but prepare to have a rough time keeping dates.

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