My Top 10 Favourite Childhood Christmas Presents

My First Bike

It was pink with a Holly Hobbie banana seat. I loved it but I was too chicken to learn how to ride until about 6 months later. 

My Friend Jenny Doll

 In the 6th grade I changed the spelling of my name from Jenny to Jeny and it stuck. But before then, I was absolutely in love with this doll.

I had an entire wardrobe for her down to the hats and shoes. 

My very own 13" black and white TV

Enough Said

5 Blowdryers

Thanksgiving 1987 I got in a huge fight with my sister over a blowdryer in front of my entire extended family.

That Christmas I received 5 Blowdryers as gifts.

Pink Panther Stuffed Animal

I should have put this on my Christmas list this year. I miss him. 

My Baby Beth Doll

The sweetest baby doll I ever did have. 

Aesop's Fables

Given to me by my Uncle Greg when I was about 9. I read it over and over again for years.

Richard's Scarry's Puzzletown

This was given to my sister and I and I think we had the whole town.  

We spent countless hours making our farm animals go shopping down main street or we would make them get sick so they would have to go to the hospital.

Garfield Stuffed Animal with Suction Cups

I was so mad when my sister wouldn’t let me stick it on the window of the car.


A Bottle of Thunderbird Wine

One Christmas in the later 80’s my Uncle Don showed up to my Grandma’s house with a bottle of Thunderbird Wine for everyone including all the teenagers. 

We all got plastered together that Christmas. Every single damn one of us!

So, Merry Christmas to every single damn one of you!

3 thoughts on “My Top 10 Favourite Childhood Christmas Presents

  1. Love it Jeny – I will NEVER forget that Thunderbird Christmas…I think it was 1989. Wasn’t that the same year Aunt Cookie made all of us Christmas shirts??? Good times, no, GREAT times!

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