Burglar caught at my house today

Coming home from work today I pulled into my garage, unloaded the last of the Christmas gifts and walked into my house. I was shocked to hear a big ruckus at my back door. I was confused to find some gifts I had purchased and left on my dresser were strewn across my living room floor. I walked into my bedroom to look at my dresser. The bag that held those gifts was gone and all the jewelry that usually sits on my dresser was scattered on the carpet.

Instantly I knew I had been robbed. I grabbed my cell phone, ran to my closet, closed the door and whispered my address to the 911 operator. For all I knew they could still be in the house. She asked me to stay on the line for 5 minutes until 4 officers arrived at my front door and asked me to let them in.

They had me stand in the front yard with one officer while the others searched my house room to room. It took 3 officers about 30 seconds to find the culprit.

This is who they caught.

Puddin' the Cat Burglar

And this is the missing bag they found her in.

The Loot

Just another Christmas Eve Eve adventure. Thanks again Santa!

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