Time to edit my life history – Facebook Timeline

In about 2005 I was engaged, living in Virginia and planning my Arizona wedding for March of 2006. I was frantically trying to find a dear friend from high school that I had lost touch with for a couple of years. I looked through all the online white pages for Arizona and California, the two states I thought he would be. For 2 weeks I made over 30 phone calls to Gary Parkers in both states until finally I found the right one. What a relief!

In our conversation about my upcoming wedding, I told him about the lengths I had gone to find him. He responded, “Well, aren’t you on myspace?”  I replied, “My WHAT?” Obviously, I didn’t have a clue. Afterwards I did go in and set up a myspace account that I rarely ever paid any attention to.

And then….

In January 2009, after dozens of people hounded me for months with annoying messages, I signed up for my facebook account. By this time I was married and had moved back to Arizona.

That brings me to today, December 21st, 2011. Facebook was generous enough to give me a 7 day period to go back and edit my timeline before going live tomorrow. I now have the opportunity to edit out of my history anything that I wish wouldn’t have happened.

Do I delete “life events” and pretend they never happened? Nope, it all happened, it’s all true and deleting it from my timeline doesn’t delete it from my life.  As for the wedding pictures, they are long gone.

 “I thought about one of my favorite Sufi poems, which says that God long ago drew a circle in the sand exactly around the spot where you are standing right now. I was never not coming here. This was never not going to happen.”
Elizabeth Gilbert


2 thoughts on “Time to edit my life history – Facebook Timeline

  1. I love Sufi stories and parables.

    A Sufi is sitting on an island in the middle of a river and he is meditating using an age old mantra. He says, “OOOH AHMA OOH”. Meanwhile another younger Sufi comes paddling down the river and hears the older Sufi saying his mantra. The younger Sufi paddles over to the island in his boat to speak with the older Sufi. He says ” you know your saying that mantra all wrong”. The older Sufi says, “really?”. The younger Sufi says “yes sir, the way you are supposed to say it is OOOH AHMA AHMA OOOH”. The older Sufi replies, “Thank you so much, I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t have happened along”. So the younger Sufi begins paddling back down the river in his boat. He gets a little ways away when all of a sudden the older Sufi come running across the water without a boat, and comes up to the edge of the younger Sufi’s boat. And while standing on top of the water he asks the younger Sufi,”How did you say that mantra again?”.

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