Tuesday Truthday – Spread the JOY

Today I am giddy with anticipation that there are only 5 days until Christmas. I counted 7 decorations in my home that read “JOY” and I’m feeling every ounce of it. I have a sincere appreciation for all the small things usually overlooked.

I remembered to program the coffee pot last night, my house is mostly clean, my cats look happy, most of my clothes are too big, my boss is out of town, my gas tank is full, Bon Jovi isn’t dead but Kim Jong-il is, all the lights on my pre-lit Christmas tree still work and I got the milk to cereal ratio JUST RIGHT.

All of this is true but the way I feel about it is complete BULLSHIT!  The only thing I can think of that would bring me JOY today would be for a flash mob to break out at Starbucks on my way to work. But because I’m a 1/2 hour late getting in the shower,  I only have time to go through the drive-thru. I guess I’m fucked.

Spread the JOY!

12 thoughts on “Tuesday Truthday – Spread the JOY

  1. And good morning to you. Oh joyful and wondrous woman. Your though thought process for this morning pretty much nails it for millions of other women around the world. An oh so joyous occasion, things couldn’t be more perfect, even the drive to work will probably be the best drive of the year, and when you arrive to your occupation everything will be just splendid. But wait there is still that lingering feeling of, “oh fuck this shit” or “goddamn how the hell did things get so perfect”? One could say your a pessimist, one could say that there is something else in your life that needs to be fulfilled. But in reality it is just probably PMS. Have a wonderful five days and remember every time you want to strangle the kid next door for bouncing a ball against the wall. “SPREAD THE JOY”.

    • Oh, and about the flash mob video I posted. That’s the kind of crappy flash mob I would have gotten had I left enough time to stop at Starbucks. They didn’t even dance. Somebody call the PMS mechanic.

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