Advertising that you’re a ‘hot mess’ doesn’t make you authentic.

What does it mean to be truly authentic? I’m thinking about people in my life that seem to always show you their true colors. Have they really figured out how to be so fearless that they let it all hang out regardless of what people might think?

I believe that we all monitor ourselves yet some more severely than others. Maybe more authentic people just have smaller filters. Maybe their self-deprecating humor is still just a cover up to throw us off the discovery path of the real crap they’re hiding. If I were truly authentic would I just go ahead and post all of my bad habits publicly for all to see? Would I just put all my crap on the table on a first date by saying;

“Look, just so you know from the start, I don’t really like being 30 lbs overweight. I spend over an hour in the morning getting ready. Otherwise I would pretty much look like a disaster. I have a floordrobe on the bottom of my closet floor because I despise doing laundry.  I write this blog because I sometimes  have no idea who the hell I am or what else I should be doing. I’m a bad driver and have totaled at least 7 vehicles. I tend to be a hoarder and I’m a terrible cook.”

No, I don’t think that’s it at all.

Authenticity means to be an original. Each of us are just emulating the hundreds of people who have influenced us negatively or positively throughout our lives. As long as I am not being who I’m not, I will allow myself to emulate the incredibly unique combination of personalities that have impacted my life.

5 thoughts on “Advertising that you’re a ‘hot mess’ doesn’t make you authentic.

  1. Jeny,

    A question for you: If you weren’t doing what you are now doing what would you like to do? Also, I don’t think it’s all that strange to be struck by some level of self examination crisis.

    • It is somewhat comforting to know that its not so strange but not as fun to think of it as a crisis. I’m giving some thought to your question. It’s simple but good.

  2. Perhaps crisis is the wrong word, but it’s the one that’s best. Consider that there are two characters which make up the word crisis in Chinese: danger and opportunity. What I would suggest is that in the midst of any crisis there is the danger we will maintain the status quo – something which is easier by far. Or we can seize the inherent opportunity to determine if change is indeed necessary.

  3. Hi Jeny,
    Your blog is great! I haven’t read many yet, but I am going to follow you. I miss your humor, reading this reminds me of our conversations we had some 12 years ago hanging out and driving across town to Big Ds. 🙂 Yes, that’s when you introduced me to my now husband, thank you by the way.

    Your comment about emulating everyone who has impacted our lives negatively and positively really rung home to me. Makes me think about myself in a better way ~ thank you

    • Andrea,

      Thank you so much for reading my silly little blog 🙂 I think we’ve both had quite the adventure over the past 12 years. I’m so happy for you and Reggie. Please give him my love. Best wishes to all of you!

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