My weaknesses are my strengths

I would imagine that I am not much different from most people. I’m ambitious and tend to focus on the areas of my life that I can improve or change for the “better”. What if my weaknesses are really my strengths?

For example, I am one of those intensively self-aware people. For the most part, I know exactly how I come across to people. My hyper-intuitive personality senses the most subtle responses from those around me. Some people might think that means I live my life re-actively adjusting the ebb and flow of everyone except myself. Some may even use the dreaded term people pleaser to describe me.

I will admit there are times this holds me back from letting my hair down but I honestly believe that this way of moving through life has served me very well. Would I be as kind if I weren’t as keenly aware of how my words and actions would affect you? Would I still be successful in my career if I didn’t know exactly how my customer or employer perceived me? I don’t think so.

A people pleaser alone is not such an advantage. A people pleaser with 39 years of experience to form her own opinions and occasionally act on them despite what others may perceive is quite a valuable trait after all.

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