Love for Lorrie

My friend Lorrie Murdock along with two of her young daughters – Chelsea and Sarah were struck by a vehicle that lost control which rolled-over and hit them as they were walking on a sidewalk Saturday, March 10th.

Four pedestrians hurt in Glendale, AZ rollover

Lorrie suffered a traumatic brain injury and has been in a coma. A decision has been made by her family to remove her from life-support on Friday evening March 23rd. (****Updated information as of 6pm Thursday, March 22nd****)

Lorrie is a mother to 6 children - Brandon and David (both 21 yrs.), Kayla (20 yrs.), Chelsea (13 yrs.), Sarah (12 yrs.) and Donovan (8 yrs.).

Her daughter Sarah was treated and released from the hospital while Chelsea suffered minor brain damage and many broken bones. Chelsea has had two surgeries since the accident to put titanium plates over her clavicle and pelvic fractures as well as a facial surgery to repair her jaw and face.  She will likely remain in the hospital for months to come.

As we can only imagine, this has put an unimaginable financial and emotional strain on her immediate family and they will need all the financial and emotional support and prayers we can gather.  Please consider giving to the Murdock – Bauer Family. Even a very small amount will make the biggest difference.

A bank account is set up at Chase Bank:

The Murdock – Bauer Family Fund

Account Number: 3027810398

Routing Number: 122100024 (For Transfers)

May God Bless Lorrie and her family.

12 thoughts on “Love for Lorrie

  1. Thanks Jeny, you are a true friend. I am also a friend of Lorrie, we haven’t been very close in the last decade or so but she lived in the house directly behind the house I grew up in back in the hood. We had classes together and hung out as children for years. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of her and her sister Audra. I haven’t gone to see her in the hospital, mostly because I want to keep my last memories of her, instead of someone on her dying bed. Maybe that is selfish I don’t know. I am however going to pass on the account information so others can donate to help her and her family. I haven’t given up hope that she will wake up soon, and she is in my prayers and so is her family.

    Get well Lorrie! so many people count on you and need you.

  2. John, Audra and Grandma Lynn, Please tell Lorrie that I have been lighting my angel candle for her since I first found out that she and her girls were injured. Each time I
    light it I ask for a miracle. I will continue to do that and believe that it will happen.
    I don’t know her but know how much you all love her. Sending love to everyone, Diane

  3. Lorrie and her family are in my prayers as well. My younger sister is a good friend of hers. Will pass this information on to help the family.

  4. Jeny, I am not one to read the paper or watch the news but sometimes it slips through and I will catch a story,,,this was one of them..( i live in AZ) . I remember thinking how sad,,how fragile life is,,, hoping they would all be ok.. I don;t have much but if a few meager dollars and prayers from one of faith but not conviction will help…. then that is what it shall be… I hope ..for a miracle..

  5. Lots of love , light,&positive healing energy goes out to this loving family, may they find & have some peace & comfort in the times to come .much love & blessings to this wonderful family, may god bless & comfort you all. <3

  6. I pray for your family, if we had it we would gladly make a donation, but prayers is all i have. There are people praying for you around the world, both you and your family. If it should be your time to pass, go on angels wings, do not concern yourself with things below, let God worry about such things. <3

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